By Bradley & Hubbard

WEIGHT = 10.205 lbs.
HEIGHT = 13 1/16 inches
WIDTH = 7 1/4 inches

PRICE $1,600
The higher price on this is due to the excellent paint
Usually, painted in black with colors only on the face
These brighter colors are usual for B&H
Bradley & Hubbard's colors are usually so passive, (MUNDANE).

This doorstop was purchased in 1999,
from John Smith, author of a doorstop book

7795 B&H

The back of this doorstop does not have the
pebble finish that most bradley & hubbard doorstops have.
This doorstop was an earlier version.
So, both types exist.

Note What's on the SHIELD:
the Open Mouth of a DEVIL!

With this fine detail, one can understand:
That is why the Bradley & Hubbard pieces
are considered the Ultimate
" theTiffany
of Doorstops. "