Patent Date: February 3, 1931
Design Number 83,223
Inventor: C Tuteur

WEIGHT = 5.90 lbs.

HEIGHT = 9 15/16 inches

WIDTH = 5 3/16 inches

PRICE $400

Note 1 :
The Creator of this Doorstop (C. Tuteur) is the same as London Royal Mail Coach
(Shown on this website)
Thus, these two doorstops are made by the same foundry

Note 2 :
This doorstop is cast in 2 pieces & assembled with a screw
that goes easily thru one half & threaded into the second half.
The secew is located ust below the shoulders.

Note 3 :
This doorstop is unique --
The back half of this 2 piece assembly does not match the full length of the front half.
The back half stops just below the buttocks.