The Wall Hanging Pictures can best be Described by their Mold #'s:
1812 - 1817 & 1822One Piece RectangleAll have an optional arm for mounting on a horizontal surface
1820 - 18212 Piece OvalGrecian Woman
1823 - 1824One Piece Rectangle11 1/2" by 18 3/4"
2142 - 2195Two Piece RectangleInterchangeable: Picture & Frame
7 3/8 by 9 1/2
2196 - Two Piece Rectangle9 1/2" by 12 3/4"

All Wall Plaques could be hung by their hanging chains or a mounting ring.
The small narrow picture did not have a chain, but a ring in the middle.
The small wide pictures as well as the bigger pictures had their chain
attachment to each side of the picture.

Castings were One or Two Pieces.
The 1 piece Casting (#'s 1812-1817 & 1822) had a chain and an alternate mounting arm,
Folllowed by #'s 1820-1821, a 2 piece casting (frame & picture insert) with the chain mounting to the picture.
With 1823 & 1824, B&H went back to the 1 piece casting with no alternate arm.
However, the best method was #'s 2142-2195, a two piece casting - picture & frame
The pictures were all the same size inserts & were interchangeable
The chain was atached to the heavier frame instead of the picture.