BRADLEY & HUBBARD Design # 2153

Height = 14 1/2 inches
Diameter of Base = 4 3/4 inches
VALUE = $250 - $375

DAPHNE (Label on Base)

Note 1 :
spelter Metal Finished in Midici Bronze.

Note 2 :
The Story in Mythology
Daphne is the Godnes of Fresh Water (Streams, Brooks & Creeks)
Daphne means Laurel in Greek.
After being chased by the God Apollo, Daphne called out to her father thr River God to help her.
Her father changed her into a laurel tree.
The laurel became sacred to Apollo, and crowned the victors at the Pythian Games.
The Pythian Games, held by the Greeks every four years, was forerunner of the modern Olympic Games,
Latter, the Romans adopted a wreath of laurels in the shape of a horseshoe as their crown for Caesar.

Note 3 :
The Statue
Daphne is shown holding a Laurel which is removable

Note 4:
Shown in View "2"
is the typical construction of a Bradley & Hubbard Statue