HEIGHT = 18 3/4 inches

WIDTH = 9 inches

VALUE = $225-$375

Note 1:
There is a metal plate attached to the base saying " LE NYMPHE "

Note 2
Bradley & Hubbard produced " The Nymphe for the 1877 Philadelphia International Exhibition
A book by George Curtis is well noted for detailing items at this conference
Taken word for word from page 106 of his book:

Happily combining practical use amd artistic tastes were the exhibits
of the Bradley & Hubard Manufacturing Conpany of West Meriden, including bronzes
............It is proved that the bronzes proved most attractive to those who saw the company's exhibit,
and among the finer works was a large statuette of Flora and its mate, a Nymphe,
both of exquisite and life-like beauty.

Note 3
This documentation adds to the value.