Made as a Symbol To Represent a JAYHAWK

Actual Looks of a WOODPECKER

HEIGHT = 8 1/4 inches
LENGTH = 6 1/4 inches
VALUE = $100-$200 -- Only Local Appeal


There is NO BIRD that is known as a Jawhawk.
The name combines two birds-the blue jay, a noisy, quarrelsome thing known to rob other nests,
and the sparrow hawk, a quiet, stealthy hunter.

The term -- Jayhawkers came to prominence just before Civil War ( around 1849 ) in Bleeding Kansas
Bands of guerrilla fighters known as "Jayhawkers" were against " Slavery " .
They often fought with pro-slavery groups from Missouri known at the time as "Border Ruffians".
After the Civil War, the word "Jayhawker" became synonymous with the people of Kansas.
The acutual looking figure is synonymous with the University of Kansas' Cheerleader dressed as so.