Made By
Bradley & Hubbard

HEIGHT = 10 1/4 inches
WIDTH = 5 1/2 inches
VALUE = $450 - $650

Marking :

Note 1:
This is a 2 piece assembly:
1. The Whistling Jim is made out of "Pot Metal" held on to the
    base with 2 bolts Picture M shows one bolt (a rusty color)
    @ the base of the left backside bumper
2. The base is "Cast Iron"

Note 2:
During WWII, casting with Pot Metal was at its peak.
Pot Metal was a cheap replacement for Cast Iron.
Back then, Cast Iron was so despairately needed for the WWII effort.
The primary component of pot metal is zinc
Pot metal has a lower melting ponit & is weaker than iron

Note 3:
A Polish sculptor by the name of Vaclav Bernard Szczeblewski
created the original in 1889. He studied for 9 years at the
Dresden Art Academy and he exhibited regularly in Paris Salons.
The Piece is a bronze figure of a boy with his hands in his pockets
whistling represents "The Whistling Ship's Apprentice". Boy stands
on a round base which is signed "V Szczeblewski" and dated "1889"
His work remains one of the most popular bronzes from the late 19th
century. It measures approx 16.4" tall with a 5.15" base diameter and
valued around $6,000. See Picture 1 for the Szczeblewski statue.

Note 4:
BRADLEY & HUBBARD made a Bronze of the Szczeblewski statue
The boy (16 1/2 " tall) stands on a round base which has a name plate
that says, "Le Siffleur". ( Means the Whistler)
See Picture 2 for B&H's Bronze