Patent Date: December 2, 1930
Inventor: L. J. Roche

WEIGHT = 6.56 lbs.
HEIGHT = 7 1/8 inches
WIDTH =12 1/4 inches
VALUE = $200 - $275

(Both Sides -- On the Coach)   Devonport   London   No. 203   WR

Note 1 :
This is a very narrow doorstop (1 1/2 inches) so it was necessary to put two lips on each of the front & back wheels.

Note 2 :
This doorstop was supplied with reins (Not Shown) that went from the small hole in the drivers hand and the horses

Note 3 :     Fine Differences Between the Two Coaches:

London Royal Mail Coach
(Top Coach Shown)
Devonport London Coach
(Bottom Coach Shown)
Creator: Charles TuteurCreator: L. J. Roche
Created October 28, 1830Created December 2, 1930
Different Markings
Horses mains are different
The Doors and its Red coloring differ
Passenger Seen
in Window
Blank Window
Lips on Just
2 Back Wheels
Lips on Both Wheels
Font & Back
Back Person
Has Trumpet
Back Person's
Arm is Against Body

CAUTION There exists fakes -- See Pictures X1 & X2