Made By Foundries

the NATIONAL Foundry -- Design # 149

WEIGHT = 7.415 lbs.
HEIGHT = 10 1/4 inches
LENGTH = 10 1/8 inches
VALUE = $250 - $450

Note 1:
Hubley's doorstop is a 2 piece doorstop held together with 2 screws.
Both going thru one half and threading into the other half.
The screw heads are filled and painted over.

Note 2:
In 1940
, Hubley sold this Doorstop from their own catalog for $15.00 a dozen.

Note 3:
National sold their doorstop unpainted for $1.10
per National's 1920's Catalog.
National also sold paint kits or their doorstops painted.

Note 4:
Hubley would advertised:
    -- this doorstop
    -- Police Dog # 290
in the 1938-9 Sears & Roebuck Catalog for $1.19 each.
Each doorstop came with a leather leash.
As seen, in the Hubley catalog and the Sears & Roebuck Catalog,
prices were very similiar.

Note 5:
This doorstop was, also, advertised in N. Shure's 1931 Catalog, page 198
See View AD1
as "The Boston Bull" with a leach for $1.80
See View Ad2

Note 6:
Shure was incorporated in 1925 Sidney N. Shure
in Niles (suburb of Chicago), Illinois.
The company sold radio kits.
They latter became an audio-electronics manufacturer.
They made wireless microphone systems,
phonograph cartridges, mixers, and digital signal processing.
The company is in business today.