HEIGHT = 9 inches
WIDTH = 7 3/4 inches
VALUE = $1,750- $2,100


(curved around the tower on the topside - as seen in Picture "F" &"3")

Note 1:
This doorstop is a made by multi-piece construction.
As can been seen in Picture " 1 "
the Light Tower is held onto the base with a screw

The United States has had approximately a thousand lights
In the state of Massachusetts, there are 77 lights.
Of those 77 lights, 57 are still working.
Michigan has the most lights of any state.

Note 3:
The original lighthouse was authorized by George Washington in 1796.
That year, the government purchased ten acres of land
Building Construction was completed in 1797.
It was the nation's first flashing light
The Highland Light is the oldest and tallest lighthouse on Cape Cod (North Truro, MA)
Height = 66 feet and is on a cliff 183 feet above sea level.
It is a working lighthouse still today.
Picture " 2 ' shows the Lighthouse Today.

Note 4:
In 1865, Henry David Thoreau (American Poet) wrote an Essay::
"The Highland Light" published in the Altantic Monthly
A portion of that Essay:
"known to mariners as the Cape Cod or Highland Light,
is one of our 'primary sea-coast lights,'
and is usually the first seen by those approaching the entrance
of Massachusetts Bay from Europe."