HEIGHT = 4 5/8 inches

WIDTH = 6 1/8 inches

VALUE = $1,250 - $1,500

Located a mile and half from the Lexington Greem where the Revolutionary War started.

This house is the only surviving residence associated with John Hancock, famous American patriot.
President of the Continental Congress, first signer of the United States Declaration of Independence,
and the first Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
It was his boyhood home until the death of his father

The Reverend grandfather of John Hancock, the American revolutionary leader,purchased this site in 1699.
The house he originally built on the site does not survive. The current house was built in 1737 by Rev. Hancock's son,
Thomas, a wealthy Boston merchant.The house consists of the 2-story structure with central chimney.

Succeeding Hancock as minister in 1752, the Reverend Jonas Clarke reared 12 children there.
John Hancock and Samuel Adams were staying in this house the night before the War started..
The British came from Boston to search for them and any weapons.
Boston dispatched William Dawes and Paul Revere to warn them of the advancing British troops
They were forced to flee and live to fight another day.

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