HEIGHT = 5 1/2 inches
LENGTH = 8 1/4 inches
VALUE = $500-$800

( on the Front, Bottom ) BIRTHPLACE OF SOPHIA SMITH

Note :
Located at 22 Main Street in Hatfield, Mass.
It was the birthplace and home of Sophia Smith
She was deaf at the age 40.
At the age of 65, she inherited a fortune from her father.
Smith initially considered endowing her fortune
to an institute for the deaf,
but changed her mind when the Clarke School for the Deaf
opened in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1868.
Encouraged by the Reverend John Morton Greene,
she decided to endow a women's college instead.
Upon her death on June 12, 1870, her fortune
was willed to endow Smith College.
The college was chartered in 1871 and opened
its doors in 1875 with 14 students and six faculty.
Today, Smith College has 285 professors
in 41 academic departments and programs.