HEIGHT = 3 3/4 inches
WIDTH = 5 inches
VALUE = $75 - $125

Marking :

Note 1:
This has the look of a bookend.
However, this was not listed as a bookend
as other items in National's 1920s Catalog.
This was listed as other doorstops were.

Note 2:
National sold this doorstop unpainted for 35 cents or
electroplated with brass, copper, or nickel for $.80
per National's 1920's Catalog.
They also sold paint kits or their doorstops painted.

Note 3:
is the way it was listed in National's 1920's Catalog.

Note 4:
Notice, the " 46 " is in script which was typical of National's marking style.

History :
Sulgrave Manor is located in Northamptonshire, England
This property can be dated back to the time
of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1066.
In 1539, during the reign of Henry VIII,
England sold three manors: one of those was Sulgrave.
The buyer was Laurence Washington.
Laurence Washington was a wool merchant
who had been the Mayor of Northampton in 1532.
Laurence Washington built the Sulgrave Manor house
between 1540 and 1560.

See View P to see what the manor looked like in 1910.

In 1656, John Washington, a descendant of Lauerence Washington,
emigrated to the Colony of Virginia. John Washinton was the
great-grandfather of George Washington (1732-1799).
The descendants sold Sulgrave Manor in 1659.
In 1914, Sulgrave Manor was dedicated as a peace memorial between
Great Britain & the United States for 100 years of non-conflict
between the two countries.

Caution : -- There are Washington's House Bookends
Made by Hubley Design # 261 --- 5 1/4" x 4"
Made by National Foundry Design # 24 --Marked 24 --- 5-1/2" x 5-1/16"