Circa 1920's

WEIGHT = 2.09 lbs.

HEIGHT = 7 1/4 inches

WIDTH = 5 1/8 inches

VALUE = $100 - $150


Note 1:
This particular doostop sold for $1.00 in 1927 from the Bulter Brothers Catalog..
A typical sales method of some foundries was to advertise in general merchandise catalogs.
Bradley & Hubbard even had a showroom in New York City.
Bulter Brothers on Broadway of New York City sold general merchandise thru their catalog.
In this 1927 catalog, this doorstop was advertised.

To See a catalog page 135 from their December 1927 Catalog -- Click on Picture Ad1 on left side
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Note 2:
In 1940
, Hubley sold this Doorstop from their own catalog for $3.50 a dozen.