Design # 8

HEIGHT = 5 3/4 inches
WIDTH = 4 1/8 inches
VALUE = $125 - $200
8 (both doorstops)

There is some controversy as to which doorstop is Hubley's # 8
Info about the Top Flower Basket Pictured
-- A re-print of Hubley's Spring of 1946 12-page catalog
    shows a picture (See View "S")
    of the Top Flower Basket.
-- In addition, Views F, B, M1, M2 & C show a doorstop
    that has the # 8 on the back as well as Hubley's Sticker
Info about the Bottom Flower Basket Pictured
  Ron Rittenhouse's collection of "Old Hubley Catalog Pages"
  shows a different doorstop as Hubley's #8 (See View S2)
  Pictured there is what is what is shown as the Bottom Flower Basket

Note 1:
Ron Rittenhouse was a printer in Lancaster, PA
who had access to Hubley's Catalog pages via his profession
He published a complete Collection of Hubley's Line of Art Goods
which included doorstops. doorknockers, ash trays, bookends, banks, lamps, novelties, etc.
Thus, the controversy -- which reproduction of
the old Hubley Catalog pages is correct?

Note 2:
Hubley's sold their #8 doorstop for $3.25 a dozen in 1940.

Note 3:
The Bottom Flower Basket is also made by the Albany Foundry
(Design # 4) as pictured in Albany's 1926 Catalog.
You may see Albany's version by clicking
"Baskets by Known Foundries" on the home page.

Note 4 :
There is also a doorstop (Bottom Version)
under "Baskets by Unknown Makers"
that is very simialar, but has subtle differences.