FRED T. EVERETT (1892-1957)


Frederick Thomas Everett was born September 13, 1892 in Castle Creek, NY.
He worked as a printer's apprentice at a local printing shop before graduating from Binghamton High School in June of 1912.
He agraduated from Colgate University in 1916 and taught Science at Binghamton High School latter that year.
After the serving in the World War I, he returned to Binghamton and opened an art studio producing pen and ink illustrations for newspaper advertising.
The illustrations appeared in pulp magazines, such as Wild West Weekly, Western Stories, and Clues Detective Magazine.
His signature was cleverly composed of his overlapping initials "F. T. E." within a compact square.
He painted pulp magazines covers for Ace-High, Complete Stories, Cowboy Stories, Frontier Stories, Mystery Magazine, Rangeland Stories, Short Stories, and West.
He illustrated slick magazines that were distributed by nationwide subscriptions, such as St. Nicholas, Outdoor Life, and The Elks.

He went on to write and illustrate three books,
Wild Ducks (1946)
Fun With Trout (1952)
Fun With Game Birds (1954)

Fred Everett sculpted 3 painted models from which Hubley cast 3 doorstops:
    3 GEESE -- --- Mold # 457
    PHEASANT -- Mold #458
    QUAIL -------- Mold # 459

All 3 were signed on the front " FRED EVERETT " hidden in the grass
This marking did not disturb the view of the Wildlife because it was not obvious to the eye.
All 3 had their mold numbers engraved on the Back.

Fred T. Everett died one week after his sixty-fifth birthday at the VA Hospital in 1957.