a Division of
1930 - 1942

The Littlestown Hardware and Foundry of Littlestown, Pennsylvania,
was founded in 1916 by Luther D. and Emory H. Snyder.
Littco Products, started in 1930, was the companies' art line division
Littco Products made decorative cast iron doorstops, bookends etc.
They almost exclusively sold their doorstops in gifts shops around the country.
On the outset of WWII in late 1941. they ended their commerical casting operations.
The company continues operation today under the name of Littlestown Foundry, Inc.
Commercial cast iron production ended in 1990
as the foundry focused solely on aluminum casting production.

Known Doorstops made by Littco Products
    Halloween Girl -- the most valuable Doorstop
    Mary Quite Contrary
    Huck Finn
    Dutch Girl
    Tall Aunt Jemina -- flat back,
    Drum Major
    Colonial Woman
    Crowing Rooster
    Sailor with Hands on Hips

Littco never numbered or engraved a marking in their doorstops
They marked their product with a paper label as shown below:

Sometimes a green felt was applied on the bottom of the doorstop.