Virginia Metalcrafters
Waynesboro, VA
1938 - 2005

On October 6th, 1890, the W.J. Loth Stove Company was started in Waynesboro, Virginia.
The company manufactured "Cast Iron" stoves and wood & coal heaters.
In the late 1890’s frying pans, waffle irons, tea kettles and
other cookware were added to the company’s product line.
Mr. Loth died in 1904.
Percy, his son, ran the company till the end of World War I.
His paternal cousin, retired Army Captain Richard Clemmer, then took control of the business.
Clemmer realized that the future was not in wood and coal heating.
So, in 1922, Clemmer hired a Canadian electrical engineer, Mr. Fred Cuffe.
Together they designed an electric stove and
by the mid 1920’s, they marketed Clemmer's "Hotpoint Range".

(See the German Shepherd Doorstop by the Loth Stove Company in the "All Other Dogs" Section)

In 1938, the company installed equipment for melting brass and other non-ferrous metals
and began to market products under the name Virginia Metalcrafters.
Although World War II halted the casting of brass products - they began again and hired
Artist Calvin Roy Kinstler who was primarily a wood sculptor.of animals.
The wood carving would be used to make reproductions in primarily bronze
or in the case of doorstops - Cast iron.
Calvin Roy Kinstler was commissioned by Clemmer to do a carving of the great horse Citation.
Kinstler completed his work in 1949, shortly after Citation had won the Triple Crown.
See the "Citation" Doorstop in "Horses & Farm Animals" section at this site

Another Calvin Roy Kinstler Horse Doorstop, "Hunter" - Can be seen in the "Horses & Farm Animals" section
The right corner of this doorstop is marked "C.R.K. for Calvin Roy Kinstler

Clemmer signed a license with Colonial Williamsburg in 1951 to produce brass and iron reproductions.
Other Gift Shops followed:- the Smithsonian Institution, Mount Vernon, Monticello and others.
In 1953 Charles Eckman purchased the company and expanded the company’s operations
and, in addition to making such diverse products as lawn mowers and tractors.
The company went out of business in 2005.
Colonial Williamsburg bought some of the Virginia Metalcrafters’ molds,
and still uses them to produce items today.

as seen in M1 & M2

Noteable Doorstops

SPANIEL Dog - " DREAM BOY " was copyrighted in 1949 and was still being manufactured until 1996.
CITATION - the Race Horse
HUNTER - the Horse
KING'S GENIUS - Show Horse