1900 - 1932

HEIGHT = 11 1/2 inches
WIDE = 3 1/2 inches
VALUE = $2,200 - $2,500

Today, the Hearst Corporation, distributes about 150 comic strips, newspaper columns,
and puzzles to nearly 5000 newspapers
In the beginning, William Randolph Hearst's newspapers began syndicating material in 1895.
Happy Holigan, created by Frederick Burr Opper, debuted in a Sunday comic strip on March 11, 1900 in one of the Hearst's newspapers.
In 1914, William Randolph Hearst wanted all his interests under one name, so he started " King Features Syndicate ".
Happy Holigan was one of the first popular comics with King Features Syndicate.
King Features Syndicate peaked in the mid-1930s with 130 syndicates offering 1,600 features to more than 13,700 newspapers.
Popeye, created by Elzie Segar, appeared on January 17, 1929 in the King Features comic strip " Thimble Theatre ".
In 1933, Fleischer Studios adapted the Thimble Theatre characters into a series of " Popeye the Sailor "for Paramount Pictures.
Popeye continued through 1957 and his cartoons are owned by Turner Entertainment,

The " Happy Holigan "comic strip told the adventures of a well-meaning hobo who encountered a lot of bad luck, but never lost his smile.
He was joined by his two brothers, the sour Gloomy Gus and the snobbish Montmorency.
( There is a doorstop of " GLOOMY GUS " worth around $2,000. )
Happy Hooligan came to a conclusion on October 14, 1932.

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