a French aristocrat

HEIGHT = 11 5/8 inches
WIDTH = 6 3/8 inches
VALUE = $500-$700

Note 1:
Born 6 September 1757 and died on 20 May 1834.
In the American Revolution, La Fayette served as
a major-general in the Continental Army under George Washington.
La Fayette was the most important link between the Americans and the French during the Revolutionary War
After which he participated in the French Revolution for which he spent 5 years in prision.
La Fayette returned to France after Napoleon Bonaparte's release from prison in 1797
During France's 1830 Revolution, La Fayette declined an offer to become the French dictator


    This is an interesting doorstop for 2 Reasons--

  1. The sword was added after the casting was made
    If the sword had been cast iron -- is would have been difficukt to fill that part of the mold
    Plus, the sword would be easy to break
  2. The back of the doorstop is split between " Full Figure" and a typical Non-Featued Back
    Halfway up the doorstop switches from full figured legs to
    a back that is thin wall and follows the contours of the front
    Thus with no Features for the back of his Body, Hands & Head