HEIGHT = 9 1/8 inches
WIDTH = 7 inches
VALUE = $3,500-$5,000

Note 1: -- This doorstop is a two piece assembly :
It is unique in that the two pieces are made
of different materials.
The Cotton Bale -- is "Cast Iron"
The Black Man -- is "Pot Metal".

Note 2:
Pot Metal Castings require no sophisticated foundry
equipment or specialized molds, as does Cast Iron.
This is becase Pot Metal has a low melting temperature.
However, Pot Metal is not as strong as Cast Iron.
It was a cheap metal used to replace Cast Iron in our
World War II effort.
As you see in Picture 2, the shiney part on his
fingers of his right hand is the pot metal showing thru.

Note 3:
This "Pot Metal" Black Man is Not Unique to this Doorstop.
This same Black Man can be found sitting on the edge of an
antique La Rosa Colorado Cigar Company Box.
See Picture 3

Note 4:   Notable Features -
  - A butt is in the corner of his mouth - Can not be seen
  - Open box of matches to light that butt
  - Several places where the cotton is breaking out of the bail.