English Doorstops of English Cartoon Characters

WEIGHT (MR. SLOPER)= 2.92 lbs.
HEIGHT (MR. SLOPER)= 10 7/16 inches
WIDTH (MR. SLOPER)= 5 7/8 inches (measured @ bottom of base)

WEIGHT (MRS. SLOPER)= 2.99 lbs.
HEIGHT (MRS. SLOPER)= 9 15/16 inches
WIDTH (MRS. SLOPER)= 5 9/16 inches (measured @ bottom of base)

VALUE = $2,500 for the Pair

English Originals :
Original castings were in Berlin black and had their registered numbers on the backside.
Ally Sloper - # 119802
Mrs Sloper - # 119801
These patents were registered in 1889

Note 1: -- The Origin of the Slopers
Mr. Punch dates back to the wandering "Commedia Dell 'Arte"
troupes of 14th century Italy.
Thereafter, this minstrel show spread to France and England.
Mr. Punch, the show version, made his first appearance in England on 9 May 1662.

The doorstops are based on an English Satirical Magazine depicting this show.
This magazine series appeared in June 1841.
In 1870, this magazine introduced Punchinello or Mr. Punch.
In 1875 Mr. Punch acquired a wife, Judy.
Judy was originally known as Joan.
(The Punch & Judy Doorstops came out of this magazine series)

As time passed, more characters were added to the magizine series.
Alley Sloper was as a small ill-clad humorous character introduced in that Judy magazine.
Ally Sloper was so named because of his capacity to slope off into the alleyways
on quarter days when the rent man was due to call.
Ally was characterised as an old rogue and a bit of a lecher
Today, he would be described as a chauvinistic pig !
Mrs Sloper was never given a name, simply the title, Mrs, an appendage to her husband.
A sign of the times, I suspect.
A century ago these characters were household names.

Note 2: -- The Doorstops Show
Ally Sloper is with Snatcher" (his dog)
Mrs Sloper is shown with Tweedledee and Tweedledum" (the twins) and "Snatcher"
Whether the original writer C.H.Ross or Lewis Carroll (in "Through the looking glass") used
Tweedledee and Tweedledum first is not known. Both writings were at roughly the same time.