On a Rocky Top

HEIGHT = 5 7/8 inches
WIDTH = 8 1/4 inches
VALUE = $400 - $525

Marking :
(on the front vertical face of the base)

Note 1:
Captain John Parker (1729 -- 1775) was born in Lexington, Massachusetts.
He commanded the 77 militiamen on Lexington common that fateful day.
"The shot heard around the world" started the American Revolution, April 19, 1775.
. Parker was already sick with tuberculosis on April 19, and died a few months after.
The Minuteman statue (1900) has become a symbol of Captain John Parker.
It stands at the entrance to the Lexington Battle Green. See Picture 1
Off to the east, you can see the yellow building of Buckman Tavern,
where the minute-men spent the night after being informed by Paul Revere
that the British are coming.
No Portrait or Statue of Captain John Parker is known to exist, so
we don't know what he looks like.