Manufactured by ROBERT EMIG
(a Modern-Day Fabricator)

HEIGHT = 8 inches
WIDTH = 5 1/2 inches
VALUE = $75 - $100

MARKING (on back):
EMIG 1382

Note 1 :   (Reason This Doorstop is Not Considered Antique)
Robert Emig Company of Reading, PA was in operation in the 1950s and 1960s.
This does not meet our desire to illustrate "Pre- 1948" Cast Iron Doorstops.
1948 signaled the demise for the last great American foundry - Hubley
and the year John Wright bought Hubley's Molds and started making reproductions.

Note 2 :     (The reason this doorstop is shown here)
This doorstop is shown in 2 doorstop books as Antique:
    - Bertoia's book on doorstops, page 108, $175-200.
    - John Smith's book on doorstops, page 159, $350-450.

Note 3 :
Robert Emig made other cast iron items,
(a pair of owl bookends).