Design # 486

HEIGHT = 8 3/4 inches
WIDTH= 5 1/2 inches
VALUE = $350- - $500

Marking :
(On the inside)

Note 1:
The construction is a Hollow 2-piece doorstop with
a long threaded screw holding the 2 halves together.

Note 2:
She always has a Red Bandanna with a White Apron
and her dress is always Green, Blue. Yellow, Red or Black.

Note 3:
In 1940, Hubley sold this Doorstop from their own catalog for $9.60 a dozen.

History :
Origins of this folk figure came from Aunt Jemima.
Aunt Jemima originally came from an old minstrel show.
Her character was added to the original show after the Civil War.
Aunt Jemima pancake mix debuted in 1889.
The Quaker Oats Company first registered the Aunt Jemima trademark in April 1937.